A 30 minute radio program can be heard in Greek on the AM dial at 1422 on Monday evenings at 9:00pm-9:30pm.

Anyone can tune in and hear of God’s love that offers a true, new meaning to their lives, challenging their faith and their relationship with God. It is also a source of encouragement to many who are lonely and troubled.

The Greek Gospel Radio program has been on and off air in one form or another since May 1967. During the last 6 years it has been broadcast from the studios of 1422 3XY, a favorite station for the many Greek-speaking people of Melbourne. It airs 9-9:30pm on Monday evenings featuring messages from God’s word presented by Dr Zervopoulos. His simple but challenging approach in presenting the Gospel has been the catalyst for many Greeks to come to the realization that only through faith in the fact that Jesus, the Son of God died for our sins, and was resurrected on the third day, can we have the hope of eternal life.

Jesus patiently waits for man to come to Him in repentance and to accept His free gift of eternal life. For by Grace you have been saved through faith and not by yourselves (righteous works, or even being religious) it is the free gift from God.

At the end of the radio program listeners are encouraged to ring in or write and request a Bible or contact with people that believe in Jesus.

Tune in!